Welcome to Mkhize attorneys …legally yours.




  • Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of the legal industry to be relevant to the challenges of today’s reality. We aim to produce the best work for every case we are involved in . Our aim is to make the period that you have the legal dispute to be as smooth and stress free as possible .We literally take over your stress and work for you whilst we educate you on the legal process .We aim to keep the utmost standard of quality work, respect your dignity by keeping your records and instructions confidential at all times, even when your file has been closed.
  • We believe that every professional has a duty to contribute to the transformation of the societies of South Africa .It is our privilege and honour to be at your service as a dynamic law firm ,committed to the evergreen normative values of ubuntu and the modern principles of business ethics .
  • We promise to do whatever possible to make your experience with us to be among the best experiences in your lifetime, and to give you the warmest welcome every time you come back to us. We promise that we will always be upfront about what we want to do to help you and will give you an ear when you want someone who can listen to you.
  • We are comfortable with our diverse knowledge of the law ,we do not serve you on just by telling you good stories, we are comfortable enough to tell you things that you might not want to hear ,as we are not only serving you, we also serve justice .


Our slogan is ‘legally yours’, this is more than just a slogan .It is what we live for, it’s what we strive to achieve every minute, every hour and every day.